Go Dashboard

ddab3a5 iant 23 Jan 23:43 syscall: Restore line somehow lost in libgo merge.
fb3ad60 iant 23 Jan 23:21 runtime: Disable tests that require that a finalizer run.
3c4548d iant 23 Jan 19:49 runtime: Don't crash in runtime_callers if no debug info available.
a36bbea cmang 22 Jan 17:09 compiler: Avoid infinite recursion when describing initialization loops.
dc1eb7d cmang 22 Jan 04:07 compiler: Prohibit use of ellipsis operator on multi-valued calls.
46311cc laboger 21 Jan 23:03 runtime: Add the GO language
be2a33b cmang 20 Jan 21:28 compiler: Do not mark unused variables as used inside closures.
a0d4902 iant 20 Jan 16:11 runtime/pprof: Let memory profiler test pass if value not collected.
16651fb iant 20 Jan 04:17 runtime: No special case for 386 complex in FFI support.
70bb033 iant 20 Jan 04:02 reflect: Mark unused parameters in C code as unused.
7aa1d8e iant 19 Jan 02:55 reflect: Fix build for systems that do not define ffi_go_closure.
e00aef9 iant 16 Jan 23:22 runtime: Add __sparc__ case for SETCONTEXT_CLOBBERS_TLS.
e64c1a8 iant 16 Jan 23:18 testing/quick: Revert Alpha specific change.
7092124 iant 16 Jan 21:28 compiler, reflect, runtime: Use static chain for closures.
19cf29a iant 16 Jan 21:23 A+C: Add Richard Henderson (Red Hat corporat CLA).
109c89c iant 16 Jan 15:57 net: Restore earlier Solaris-specific version of setKeepAlivePeriod.
bff945e iant 16 Jan 02:53 runtime: Use a struct, not void, for an empty struct for libffi.
1e7f348 iant 15 Jan 22:06 go/build: cgo works on linux/alpha.
943fc58 iant 15 Jan 20:42 reflect: Correct error in conversion of s390x support to Go 1.4.
7ebade9 iant 15 Jan 00:52 libgo: Bump version number in libgo configure script.
5814424 iant 15 Jan 00:41 libgo: Add files accidentally omitted from last commit.
7846282 iant 15 Jan 00:11 libgo, compiler: Upgrade libgo to Go 1.4, except for runtime.
266c09f pcc 10 Jan 01:00 cmd/go: Back-port CL 157460043 (pass $CGO_LDFLAGS to linker with the "gccgo" toolchain).
016ae40 iant 09 Jan 21:17 cmd/go: Adjust finding gccgo to match current upstream sources.
4c479be iant 08 Jan 20:31 cmd/go: Use builtin constant to set default gccgo compiler.
491d000 cmang 07 Jan 15:37 compiler: Don't assign to embedded builtins in imported struct composite
a8393b6 cmang 07 Jan 00:14 compiler: Add explicit sign to exported complex constants without imaginary component.
94a7896 iant 06 Jan 23:21 libgo: Add sources for go, cgo, and gofmt commands.
aacec95 cmang 06 Jan 02:26 compiler: Use function receiver name in mangled named type descriptor.
b4af761 iant 05 Jan 16:12 runtime: Increase stack size on 64-bit non-split-stack systems.